Business is Booming

Update on my business: this week things got very busy! I had two inquiries, one of which came to fruition today. I now have TWO clients! And once again I managed to pull off an amazing coup in obtaining an expert, and with this latest guy under a major time crunch to boot. Honestly, I have amazed myself. I mean, I knew I had connections but even I am surprised at how easily I’ve been able to get these things done. There are times in the middle of a hectic day of business calls when I just think to myself, Wow – I’m doing this!

I’ve also had to learn to be very creative in holding business conversations without giving away the fact that I’m with my little kids and not in a fancy office somewhere. Professionalism matters in my business and I can’t have my kids crying or “mama, MaMAAAA!” in the background. I’ve had to find ways to get calls made. On Tuesday I sat a tired, lagging DD on the handlebar of the stroller and raced through the West End trying to pick up a fax and bring it home and get the kids settled in order to do a callback in 30 minutes. I basically asked DD what her terms were – a KinderEgg and some “colourful markers”. Hit the business centre, on to the drug store for colouring booty, then hit the convenience store for the chocolate egg, and RACE home. The business gods answered my prayers by keeping DS asleep long enough for me to get home, get DD settled with her toys, and call the guy back.

By the way, bribery will NOT be a regular feature of my business. I was caught off guard and I’m desperate for business. Next time I will make sure I give myself enough time that I’m not letting a 4 year old dictate her terms for remaining quiet while I make a call, lol.

Today in the car with the kids, in a fit of inspiration, I pulled over to the side of the road, blasted DD’s favorite CD for her, got out of the car and made a couple of calls using the hood as a desk. Twice. Well, it worked. I can more readily explain traffic noise (“I’m on my way to the office”) than two kids screaming in the background.

It has been stressful, but I’m just so darned excited about it that I can’t be upset. I’m doing business! Still, I’m going to have to figure out a better way to organize my time and phone calls, so I’m not short-changing the kids. It would be nice if I could add “receptionist services” to my Virtual Office but I can’t justify the price yet. Soon, I think.

Here I was worried that I wouldn’t get any work, and already I’m getting as much as I can handle right now, lol. If I could keep up this pace on a regular basis I could be adding a substantial income to our family. Of course, keeping up the pace is the bane of all consultants. Still, I am extremely excited and happy and proud of myself right now. Hooray for me!

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