Being "in the moment"

This is a phrase we parents hear alot. I do try to do this as often as possible. I try to remind myself that Life is made up of all the little moments in a day. If you are too busy to stop and savour them, you can miss out on what Life is really about.

DS has been very challenging lately. The shrieking is really hard to deal with, and this afternoon I had to deal with alot of it. It really frazzles my nerves and challenges me to levels of patience and control I never thought I had (and sometimes discover I don’t have).

But this evening I experienced a “moment” with DS that seemed to make it all worthwhile. DS had just come out of the bath and was wrapped in his towel , sitting on the sofa. His damp hair stuck out all over the place, his chubby little legs that don’t even reach the end of the seat were crossed, and the smile on his face melted my heart. I popped in a Sesame Street DVD for him and then sat next to him. He’s a snuggly little fella and he leaned against me. Normally I would get up and go “get things done” while he is watching a movie, but this evening I decided to just “be in the moment”. I sat and snuggled with him, smelling his damp hair, stroking his soft skin, and just savouring this moment. I thought about how, so quickly, he will grow up and be a big young man. This adorable little butterball of a son that sat next to me then would soon be gone forever. And so I sat, and savoured, and lived the moment, and just appreciated and felt thankful for what I had…right…then. It was really lovely.

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