Anatomy of a wonderful day

Yesterday was a great day, a wonderful day. I enjoyed myself immensely. Yet we didn’t do anything wild, or “big”, or particularly unusual. It was just a day.

The house was relatively tidy – tidy enough according to my new standards – so I was able to spend some time with the kids in the morning. We played Sonic the Hedgehog on our Nintendo Game Cube. Now video games generally get a bad rap when it comes to kids, but when we play it’s a family affair. I suppose DS thinks it’s a cartoon of sorts, because he watches it in fascination. DD likes to sit between my knees and help me solve puzzles, or she cheers me on.

We then headed out to the park and had went Mushroom hunting. It was a gorgeous fall day, cool in the woods, and the air smelled wonderful – full of heady, earthy smells, damp moistness, and the scent of rotting logs and leaves (which sounds awful, but isn’t). I love walking in the woods. We saw lots of interesting mushrooms of all shapes and sizes and colours. We talked about what is happening in the woods this time of year, and stopped to hear the silence of the deep forest – amazing given we were in the middle of a city of almost 2 million people.

Afterwards we did an efficient grocery shop with no meltdowns, then headed home for lunch. DD had come down with a cough and both kids seemed tired. After lunch I had to go to the post office to send a business letter out by registered mail. I knew DD would not be able to walk so I let her go in the stroller. DS walked for some time and I was amazed at how well he followed us. Knocking on wood but…it seems he just might be getting past the take-off-in-the-opposite-direction phase he’s been in since he learned how to walk. The only trouble came when we turned away from the direction of the playground and towards the mini-mall. I ended up putting him in the Ergo and he was asleep within a few minutes. I haven’t used my Ergo in some time, and had put it away in a closet thinking its time was over, but it is still a comfortable way of carrying DS and without it I don’t know how I would have sent that letter.

When we got home, DD was almost asleep and DS stayed asleep while I lay him on the bed. So we enjoyed some nice “quiet time”. I thought to myself what a wonderful day it had been. This is what Life is all about. If it were just a series of pleasant, interesting, enjoyable, simple days like this, what more could I want?

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One thought on “Anatomy of a wonderful day

  1. Anna B

    We had a great day too. It must have been astrological 😉

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