Sleepytime Update

Two weeks ago I wrote about our latest sleeptime plan. DH would forgo his 9:30 bedtime and take one child while I put the other to sleep, instead of leaving me to do both of them myself when they aren’t ready for bed by 9:30 (which is when DH was “clocking out”). Well, I’m happy to report that, since we started this plan, DD has been asleep in bed before 9:30 virtually every night. Last night she was asleep before 9. Granted, she has had a wicked cold this last week, but is definitely on the road to recovery. DS is still holding to his pattern of staying up late when he’s napped during the day, and going down early when he hasn’t. Tonight he fell asleep in my lap just after 6 pm, and I’m worried that he’s going to wake up later and want to party. But maybe not. He’s still battling his cold. Anyways, the point is that our bedtime plan is working, hooray! Now I suppose we just wait until DS drops his naps entirely, but mostly it isn’t a huge problem as I can go to bed when I want to and he’ll come in when he’s ready to go to sleep. I’m really happy that DD is going to bed at a reasonable hour. So yay for us!

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One thought on “Sleepytime Update

  1. Space Mom

    Ah.. last night Soleil was up until 11!!! OMG, I was exhausted by her!

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