Snow Geese

This past Tuesday we visited a Pumpkin Farm to get some jack o’ lantern subjects. I wrote about it in my other blog. Afterwards, we went to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary for a picnic lunch, followed by a walk through the reserve. We were delighted to witness a large flock of Snow Geese circle around in the sky and eventually land in a nearby field. They constitute the long white patch behind DD’s head in the photo here. These birds spend summer on Wrangel Island in arctic Siberia, then in the fall some of them migrate along the Pacific Flyway, where many of them setttle in our very own Fraser River valley to ride out the winter. Apparently, there are still many more geese to come, and we are planning to come back next month to see them – they say that when the population reaches its peak it looks as though the field is covered in snow. The kids were as amazed as we were with the sight of so many birds in flight, and then at the contrast between their white feathers and the green grass of the field after they landed. We talked about migration and how far these birds had flown. It was a lovely day all around, a unique experience to witness the birds, and an educational experience for all of us.

As we headed back to the city I thought to myself how incredibly lucky we were as homelearners to have this as our classroom. This wasn’t a field trip (which, when I was in school, everybody always looked forward to for the main reason that it meant no class that day), this was just everyday life for us and the homelearning families we went with. I felt so incredibly fortunate to be where I am today, and to have met the families who inspired us to choose homelearning, and with whom we will surely spend many more such wonderful adventures. I am so glad that we are on the path we are on. One of the families that came to the pumpkin patch with us had to leave there early, missing out on the picnic and bird sanctuary visit. The older son had to get back to town for his afternoon kindergarten class. As she rushed her two boys and her newborn off to pay for their pumpkins, I wondered to myself if that boy was going to learn anything more, or in any better way, than he would have learned had they stuck with us for the rest of the day. Well, I guess I don’t really wonder – I already know the answer, lol. Posted by Picasa

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