Mahvellous Mushrooms

Today we went to our local botanical garden for the Mushroom Show. I had read about it in the paper and told DD who was very excited, given her recent interest in all things fungi. It was put on by members of the local Mycological Society. As DH put it, “long before there were computers, there were geeks”. However, my 4 year old DD counts herself among them these days so I guess we should be more reverent, lol.

There were two long tables, one of which is shown in this photo, with specimen trays full of interesting mushroom varieties. The red ones in the foreground are Amanita muscaria, or “Fly Agaric” mushrooms. They are pretty, but poisonous.

As we walked from tray to tray DD would ask me to look up each type in her Mushroom Book (which, of course, we brought to the show) and see which representative species we could find in there. It was interesting to see that the photos in her book didn’t always look much like the real thing, which might explain why we’d had such a hard time identifying them on our mushroom walk. All in all we stayed in there for about half an hour (while DH chased DS around outside), and DD remained quite interested the whole time. After we were done in there we went outside and took a lovely walk through the gardens, which were quite spectacular with their fall colours. Another day of enjoyable, effortless learning. Gotta love it. Posted by Picasa

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