Screw the home, I want a new car

It would appear that feeling restless is simply a euphemism for “I’m a consumer and I want to buy something”. And there’s no better way to get obsessive over something you didn’t think you really needed than heading to your local Auto Mall. First we checked out the ’06 Toyota Siennas. My friend K. just scored one and I have to say it is a sweet ride. We actually rented one back in the spring and it was quite depressing to get back into my little ol’ sedan when we were done. But while I see all the wonderful things about it (you gotta know a Mother was on the design team that came up with a little foldout hook in the centre console for hanging a litter bag on), them things are big. And we’re small car kind of people.

Next we headed to the Mazda lot to drool over the Mazda6 Sport Wagon. We’ve wanted one of these since they came out a couple of years ago. I even talked to a dealer about one last month (before my $50 maintanance visit turned into $1000 for a new set of brakes). But upon seeing my love again I have to tell you that after looking at the Sienna’s I had to ask myself why on earth I would pay out a load of money for a car that may look a lot nicer than mine, but has essentially the exact same number of seats. It’s not like Grandma could join us for a family outing, or like I could pick up a mama friend and her babe-in-car-seat for a trip out to some cool homelearning field trip. Alas, absence had dulled my heart – that tingly feeling was gone. Saddened, I turned around…and then I saw it, an intriguing beauty; the Mazda5. This car is the perfect cross between a minivan and a station wagon. It has seating for 6, fold down seats, and the interior looks pretty much like a minivan, but the car itself looks like a large station wagon. I’m in love.

So now I want a new car. I want some Zoom Zoom. There is no pleasure in getting into a shabby little car that smells like sour milk and moldy Cheddar Bunnies. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait just a wee bit longer to see if we can make it happen (I refuse to finance another vehicle, so it’s a matter of getting the cash together). In the meantime, I’ll just visit the “build your Mazda5” website a few million times…

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