I made Butter!

I was at a La Leche League meeting last month, and the hostess served muffins with homemade organic butter. When she told us how easy it was, I couldn’t wait to try it myself. I don’t buy organic butter because we use a lot of it and I don’t feel good about paying almost $9 per pound. But this was so easy and cheap that we’ll be eating organic butter from now on.

You just pour 500 mL of organic whipping cream (that’s about 1/4 gallon for you US readers) into your mixer bowl, add a couple of teaspoons of salt, and let it mix for about 10 minutes. I have a Kitchenaid mixer and it was exactly 10 minutes on setting #5. I ended up with butter and a whole lot of milky liquid (which someone pointed out is probably what they call “buttermilk”). You simply squeeze the butter into balls with your hands, while running them under cold water. I estimate that I got about 2/3 of a pound from the 500 mL of cream, which I believe cost me about $3. So that is close to, if not less than, the price of regular butter, which is about $5 for a pound ($4 and change for the cheapest stuff).

For those of you with food processors, I’ve been told it only takes about 5 minutes, but you may have more milky stuff to press out of the butter as you mold it. My mixer did most of the separating itself (warning: the butter forms right after a stage where it looks a bit like wet, yellow cottage cheese, the transformation to butter happens in a matter of seconds, and when it does you will have buttermilk spraying everywhere if you don’t have a splatter cover on!).

I am so incredibly proud of myself because I am admittedly domestically challenged, but this was something even I can do. And I feel good about the fact that it’s pure, organic, no additives or colour, and full of pride! Posted by Picasa

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2 thoughts on “I made Butter!

  1. Space Mom

    I have an easier method.Set up the same way. Pour cream into plastic container with lid. Give to your child to shake like mad until it turns into butter. Play “TOSS THE BUTTER” to help mix it. Give both kids a container and see who can make the butter faster!

  2. Anna B

    I read the title and then the first few words. I was sure that you were going to post that you had made breastmilk butter!

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