An enlightened town

Having spent 3 years living in the red state hell that is Cleveland, I couldn’t wait to come back to liberal, crunchy BC and raise my kids in a more positive atmosphere when it comes to parenting. And to illustrate my point, I’d like to share a website with you.

We don’t have cable but we can tune in one or two channels with an antenna, one of which is our beloved CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). Every weekday morning they run “CBC Kids”, four hours of preschool cartoons with no commercials. The programming is wonderful, including Poko and Nanalan’, shows which drive home the message of emotional validation and gentle parenting. CBC Kids is run by an organization called “Invest in Kids” and they run little blurbs throughout the morning reminding parents about the benefits of “positive parenting”, such as responding to your baby’s cries, or not trying to tell children how they should be feeling but instead respecting what they are feeling. I’ve been curious to know more about this organization so I went to their website today.

Invest in Kids was a pleasant surprise. I went there expecting to read about how positive parenting means not hitting your kids, but using timeouts and other punitive measures instead. But no, these guys emphasize eliminating punitive discipline and I didn’t see any recommendations for using timeouts. Under the sleep issues they even suggest bringing baby to bed! It wasn’t quite attachment parenting, but I think most of my like-minded mamas would find themselves able to accept their philosophy with maybe a few minor differences. Frankly, I think they have to keep themselves from sounding too “fringe” lest they alienate parents. So I have to give them a big thumbs up.

It all just made me appreciate my city, my province, and my country (this is a nationwide show) even more than I already do. There are places where people still espouse corporal punishment in schools, and yet a nationally-sponsored program airing on TV is delivering a message of positive parenting. Makes me feel there is hope for us all yet.

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