Sleep Logging

Last week DH went to Asia on business. He was gone for three nights. On those nights I had little choice but to stay up each night until the kids collapsed from exhaustion. My dear blog readers will guess (accurately) that this was around 11 pm, way past the “witching hour” at which I transform from loving, patient parent to crazy, ranting harpy. When DH returned, the kids were on this whacky schedule of way late nights and way late mornings. DH protested and we decided it was time, yet again, to revisit the sleep issue. I’ve been keeping a sleep log since Friday and already we’ve confirmed what came out of the last “sleep conference“:

1) if DS naps during the day, regardless of when, he is up past 10 pm; when he doesn’t nap, he’s asleep by 7:30 pm

2) so long as one child is asleep at a reasonable hour, DH and I feel we get some “down time” and potential couple time (last night we watched a movie, this evening we had a couple games of cribbage and sipped Port)

With regards to DS, I can’t stop him from napping unless he is not put in a stroller or car seat all day, and during the week that is just not practical. I wish he’d just drop the nap altogether, DD did around his age but it only took her 2 – 3 weeks to transition, whereas with DS this has been going on for months. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time before he’ll be going to bed at a reasonable hour most nights, as he did up until this past summer. So at least there is hope.

With DD the jury is still out. The sleep log is going to have to run for a bit longer. I want to see how much her sleep time correlates with her wake time. Also, how much her level of exercise affects her sleep time. I’m open to the idea of trying the “wake her up early” thing again if it means a consistent bedtime, but I’m going to hold off on that until the data is more clear: I fear what happened last time, which is she’ll just be cranky and miserable to deal with, and still be up late.

I’m sure one of these days I will read this and laugh at the trivial things I obsessed over when my kids were young. Well, it may seem trivial when she is 16 but right now I can tell you that it has a big effect on our lives!

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