Space Crafts

Yesterday was a good homelearning day. The house was pretty organized, so we were out the door running errands and back by noon. We stopped at the Looney Store (Canada’s equivalent to the Dollar Store) and picked up a bunch of craft items. Looney stores are generally full of a lot of cheap, useless landfill crap but for craft stuff it’s a good deal. We got a ton of stuff for $30. The idea in my head was Christmas stuff, but when we got home and looked at our loot, DD decided that the styrofoam balls would make good planets. So we set out to make a solar system.
DD knows all the planets, and their order from the sun, as well as their relative sizes but we were limited by the size of the paper “sky”, and the fact that we had only 3 sizes of styrofoam balls. Thus, Jupiter is the same size as the Sun, lol. And we decided not to bother putting them in the right order of distance, again for space reasons (pardon the pun, lol). We talked about each planet and what colour it looks like, etc. while we were crafting. We noted that Earth is the only planet with Life on it (that we know of) so DD decided to decorate it with lizards (we have a stamp that cuts lizard-shaped bits out of paper).

I’m quite proud of our crafting centre. DS is still more of a destructive influence, which is a bit of a drag – he ended up watching DVD’s most of the time while DD and I crafted. His one contribution was to spill the bowl of water for the paints!

After crafting we did some reading and I played with DS and his wooden train set. I felt really good about the amount of “floor time” I had with the kids today. Also, my Dad has instituted a weekly reading date, which happened yesterday. He stops by on the way home from work and reads to the kids for about half an hour. After he got over the notion that he was actually going to have a say in what books were read, it went okay. He had visions of reading Winnie the Pooh stories (which he’s really good at since he has just the right accent) but instead DD wanted him to read her Science book, and then partway through it decided she was going to read him a story from her Space book. She makes them up as she goes along, but it’s amazing to hear what she knows. How many 4 year olds know that Black Holes have such a strong gravitational force that they pull anything that comes close to them down into the centre and “never lets them go”? Of course, I think any 4 year old could know this, I just get a kick out of the fact that DD is so into this stuff. Posted by Picasa

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