How much Work is Too Much?

In my last post I mentioned that business is, for now, booming. I’ve finished my first case and will close my second next week. I am doing a bit of pro bono work which I’ll be wrapping up soon, and I have two new clients now. It’s entirely possible that I’ll finish these guys and have no work for weeks afterwards; such is the consulting business life. However, it has started me thinking about when to say “no”.

I am a stay-home mother and that is what I want to be. It is my first choice. I could easily go out tomorrow and get a full-time job that would pay a good salary but I choose not to because I want to be with my children. I started this business to give me a little something of my own, a way to use my education, and to do something I enjoy (and for a nice bit o’ cash, to boot). I have never intended to make it a full-time occupation and figured I’d be lucky if it gave me regular part-time work.

Between my Mother’s Helper, who comes once a week for 5 hours, and having DH around on weekends and evenings, I’ve managed to get my work done. But what if business picks up even further? At what point do I say “no”? It pains me to think of turning down a client, but my first priority is being with my kids. I suppose I will have to wait and see how this all pans out. I should consider myself lucky to have to make such choices. And with the sporadic nature of consulting work, it’s entirely possible that I will be able to take on extra work at times, and find myself with time to spare at other times. But this whole subject makes me acutely aware of how much I want to be involved in my children’s lives, and how incredibly grateful I am to have these choices to ponder. It seems whether you are a full-time working mother, or running a little side business like I am, the question seems to haunt us all.

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3 thoughts on “How much Work is Too Much?

  1. Space Mom

    The point that you turn down clients is when you feel that the balence is turned towards work. There is nothing wrong in a business saying “I am so sorry, My caseload is too heavy at the moment. Can I recommend you to…” if you remember that your children are part of your caseload too.Balence. That is what you are striving for and you can do it!

  2. Anonymous

    Glad your business is doing so well:o)

  3. Anna B

    I so envy you….

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