Random Updates

Work: after worrying that I would be out of work next week when I wrap up my last case, I got not one, but TWO new clients this week! Now I’m starting to worry I’ll have to turn down business, lol. Not that I’m complaining, but it looks like I’m going to have to start using part of the weekend to do work.

Home: we’ve decided to commit to staying in this apartment for about another year. We’re both convinced that the market has begun a downward turn, and that holding out for a while is the prudent route to go. And it gives us time to build up even more of a downpayment. In the meantime, to solve my inner restlessness, we’ve decided to do some major rearrangements. The kids will be getting the Master bedroom and all their playthings will be moved out of the living room and into there. We will turn our home office (the 2nd bedroom) into our bedroom. We will set up a home office centre where the dining table now is, and move that into the main living space. While this rearrangeing will allow us to reclaim some of the apartment for ourselves, it will still look ugly unless we get some new furnishings. We want to do this on the cheap, since we have no idea where we’ll be next and how those things would fit in it, so we’re going ALL IKEA. This is exactly the sort of project I love. I have my graph paper and ruler and calculator and I’ve drawn scale maps of all the rooms in our apartment. I’ve spent hours thumbing through the Ikea catalog and have picked out about $1000 worth of Billy bookshelving, as well as a bedframe for our room. Sadly, we’ll have to ditch the king size mattress (which was an el cheapo that has outlived its ability to provide any sort of comfort) and get a queen. But we’ll get a little sofabed for the kids’ room. This will serve as an extra space for anyone who needs to crash at our place, but mostly a place for me to sleep with the kids if they have a rough night. DH will then have a quiet space when he needs to get to bed and the kids aren’t cooperating. This is all a big step for our cosleeping family, and I’ll write more about that when the time comes. Meanwhile, I think we can do this nicely for under $2000. The huge change in the look and feel of the place will be the next best thing to having a new place, so that should keep me happy for a while.

DS: not only is my little guy making animal sounds, but yesterday he pointed to a picture of an apple and said “apple”. I just about fell over in shock. He hasn’t done it since, but he’s added a few more animals to his sound repertoire. So yay for DS!

DD: today my Mother’s Helper took the kids to Science World while I went to my office to work. During one of the science demo shows they put on throughout the day, my little girl actually put up her hand as a volunteer and went on stage. She’s never been one to do things like that and I’m just so tickled! I consider it a sign of her self-confidence that she felt able to do that, since she is not naturally a “performing” type personality. So yay for DD!

Weather: we’ve had an incredibly wet and stormy month, even for this part of the world. We’ve been on boil water advisories for 2 weeks (when it rains here, sediment gets in the water reservoirs and our water gets brown and cloudy), and it took several days for the stores to increase their stock of bottled water. It was like the Cabbage Patch Kid crisis of 1983, only with water. Fortunately, we have water delivery and had just received a double order, so I had four 18L bottles sitting on my floor. Needless to say the “great water crisis” passed us by without much notice. But as a phone-in caller to a local radio station said “we live in an Earthquake zone – what would all these people do if there were no stores open to buy bottle water??”.

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