Let it Snow (on the mountains)!

Having grown up in British Columbia, in a city that lies just 1.5 hours south of arguably the best ski resort in North America, I learned to ski when I was a kid and have enjoyed it ever since. I’m not a rabid ski fan, but I do enjoy getting in a few days of good skiing each winter.

The last time I went skiing was the winter of 2000, when my lab went on their annual ski trip to a little “mountain” in upstate New York. The size of the hill was a joke compared to the mountainous terrain of my home, but the snow conditions were lovely. When we returned in 2001 I was newly pregnant with DD and passed on the skiiing. Needless to say, I have not been on boards since that time as my kids have been too young.

Well, this year DD turns 4 and is old enough to attend ski school (actually, they start at age 3 but DS was only a couple months old last winter, so I still wouldn’t be able to go). Knowing DD’s fear of anything new and different, I’ve already decided that – alas – group lessons aren’t going to work. By the time we shuffled her through the bewildering experience of the Equipment Rental hut she’d be balking, and sending her off with a bunch of strange kids and a strange adult to go do strange things in the snow with strange equipment would definitely not be her cup of tea.

Instead, we’ve decided to hire a private instructor and go with her and see how she likes it. I don’t know too many kids who don’t like skiing, so I’m hopeful that once she gets over her fear of “things that seem too different” she’ll enjoy it and then will be ready for group lessons.

As for me, I can’t WAIT to get on some skis again. One of our three local mountains is just a few minutes from my Mum’s place, so we’ll drop DS off there and head up to the top with DD. It will be fun to spend some one-on-one time with her and DH, and fun to be skiing again! Whee!

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