the Great Apartment Re-Arrangement has begun

I recently wrote about our plans to rearrange the layout of our apartment. I hesitate to call it a “renovation” since there will be no structural changes of any kind. But we’re only halfway through it and already it feels like we’re living in a new home.

DD was very excited about getting her own room, and one where she and DS could “make messes”. The living area has now been reclaimed by the adults, and already I love it. If you picture our living area as a rectangle, on one end is the kitchen, in the middle is now where the dining table is, and the other end is the sitting area. Before it was basically one big playroom. We still need to get the bookshelves, which will run along one long wall (one tall, the rest about waist height, with some pretty glass doors). And a chair for one corner (our little sectional sofa seems to have survived the children). I also want to paint the walls and get some curtains. This cushion fabric is my inspiration. The walls will be the light shade of blue, our sectional is the burgandy colour, and the curtains will hopefull incorporate one or two of the cushion colours as well.

The challenge was whether we could keep the kids out of the main living area, and so far it seems to be following our plan. Since the kids’ toys, the DVD player, and their books are all in their room, there is not much for them to do in the living area, except bounce around on the sofa now and then. I’ve also found it very easy (knock on wood!) to redirect them back to their room. Which isn’t to say that they are “banned” from the living area – last night we all watched the Incredibles on the big screen – but it isn’t the main “hanging out area” anymore. This should help to maintain a decent level of cleanliness, as well as allow me to display some knick-knacks on the bookshelves, and have my XM Satellite Radio unit out where I can actually hear it (DS used to crank the volume every time I turned the darn thing on). The Christmas tree has even survived so far!

A neat surprise has been how easy it is to now use the dining table every time we eat. Even for a snack. I’m not exactly sure why, though I suppose it’s because there are no distractions now of toys and games. But we’ve been eating all our meals there, snacks too. And that’s nice.

Now that DH and I have our own room, he can go to bed when he needs to and not be disturbed (much). The one down side to all of this, of course, is that when DS wakes in the night (which he usually does at least once), it is no longer a matter of just leaning over and shoving a boob in his mouth. Now I’m unaware that he is stirring until he gets to the point where he cries out for me, which jolts me awake and then I scramble out of bed before he wakes too fully. Then, just as I’m settled into his bed, he’s asleep and I am faced with the choice of a convenient, yet very cramped spot in his bunk, or going back to my spacious own bed, wondering how long I’ll get to sleep before he wakes again (if he does). But I knew this would be the price and so far I think it’s a nice tradeoff.

I’m finally getting to decorate, and put together a home that I would not be embarrassed about having people (who don’t have small kids at home) visit!

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One thought on “the Great Apartment Re-Arrangement has begun

  1. Monica

    That sounds wonderful!I’m glad for all of you :)I had a similar night situation, and now that my child sleeps though the night it seems like so far away… (and it’s no more that half a year since this was the everday thing)

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