New Year, New Start

I haven’t been writing much in this blog lately, as it feels as though we haven’t been doing much in the way of Homelearning activities. But, of course, children learn despite our best attempts to teach them, lol. DD continues to impress with her reading skills, which reveal themselves in fun and interesting ways. I’ll use a shorthand title for something, only to have her inform me that the printed words don’t mesh with what I’ve just said. Or she’ll exclaim in delight in the middle of a story “that says WATER!”. I love that she takes joy in figuring out words. She recently chose a book from the library called Scranimals that is a rhyming story about fictitional animals combined with other creatures. Beasts such as the “cardinalbacore” (part bird, part tuna), “toucanenome” (part toucan, part sea anenome), and the “bananaconda” (part fruit, part snake) lurk here. DD seems to really enjoy the plays on the words, and trying to wrap her mouth around the long names.

For Christmas, we gave her a telescope/microscope set. The telescope has been set up in the living room in front of the sliding glass doors, where it looks aesthetically pleasing and allows for views of the mountains or the moon. Being an inexpensive, child’s model it does not allow for fine examinations, but we have been able to clearly see the moon, with the craters and “seas” clearly visible. DD has enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather when we can venture outdoors in the evenings to places where the city lights don’t obscure so many of the stars. We haven’t done much with the microscope yet, and I hope to devote some time to getting her familiar with the concept soon.

The kids also received subscriptions to Chickadee and Chirp. We sat down, the three of us, and had a good time with them when the first issues arrived. I was surprised at how much focussed time we got with them, especially with DS. It was a lovely, thoughtful gift from Nana and we look forward to next month’s issues.

DS’ language skills are improving with dramatic progress seemingly every day. I’ll write in more detail about this soon, in my other blog. Recently he has started reciting letters. He can say A through F and a few other ones. Last night while reading one of his two favorite books, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (the other is Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s), he started pointing to letters and naming them. Huge, huge strides for a child who, two months ago, said only one word and never used it in context.

Next week we start our activities. Gym class for each child (Wednesday and Friday), homelearner’s dropin (Thursday) and maybe something else. I’m trying to find a dance class for DS that will fit into our schedule, as he seems to have a fondness for moving to music. Mind you, he has speech therapy this Friday and I’m not sure how often he’ll have to go. I don’t want to overschedule ourselves, but admit to being a bit cabin-feverish of late.

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