The games we play

I read a recent post in m00minfamily’s new blog about board games. I swear, that woman’s family and their homeschooling life seems so perfect as to be almost discouraging, lol. But I read because she is a great source of information and resources, and because I delight in seeing it all working the way it should. Her youngest, besides being advanced in reading and language, and a violin virtuoso, is now apparently a gifted artist as well. Sigh. But hey, how lucky she is to be in a family where she’ll be charting her own course, educationally.

Anyways, she wrote recently about “family game night” and I got some good ideas for board games. We aren’t quite ready for that yet – DD plays Vancouveropoly (we have the original 80’s version for which I can’t find an image link; the one I chose is the modern incarnation of the game) and gets rather distresssed if she can’t buy whatever she lands on (regardless of her financial situation), or if someone else buys one of her favorite peices of real estate (the Aquarium is untouchable by anybody but her!), or if she has to pay anyone rent. Since I’m one of those anal types who doesn’t enjoy myself unless the rules are upheld, we don’t do it often. But I see progress – we played a bit the other day and made it through about 20 minutes of regulation play before she had to change the rules, lol.

I’m really looking forward to when the kids are old enough that we can sit down as a family and play board games. M00minmama has some excellent suggestions in the game night post, and I was particularly interested in the non-competitive ones. We’re having issues these days with DD wanting to “win” everything, and turning everything into a contest. I know this is normal for her age, but I thought if I could introduce some games that require teamwork, and that focus more on fun rather than on winning, that she could get some other ideas to think about instead of just “being first”. This one sounds good – I’ll have to look into where best to buy them (or order it online).

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2 thoughts on “The games we play

  1. Anna B

    I have decided that I am doing almost all my teaching through games when we are in the house. I just bought Great States Jr. (sorry, maybe there is one for provinces). There is another one for money that I am getting through Scholastic. I am sure there is a game for any subject.

  2. Nicki

    We’ve really been enjoying chess and a game called Gobblet (like tic-tac-toe only with 4 sizes of pieces that can “gobble” up smaller ones) — it’s just as fun for grown-ups and kids.

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