Viruses Welcome!

On Saturday morning DD came down with a fever that kept her in bed all weekend. She slept alot. Man, what a nice peaceful weekend it was! I got alot of organizing type stuff done. DS came down with the fever last night. At 8:30 BOTH our children were asleep. Oh man, what a luxury! It was soooo nice. How I envy those of you that have this every night! DH and I spent some lovely quiet time together, hanging out, etc. It was great. It would be nice if this “reset” their clocks, but I’m not holding my breath. That would just be too easy. DD is doing much better today, and DS had a good nap this afternoon. We’ll try, anyways.

Generally, my kids don’t get sick. When they do, they fever briefly and recover within 24 hours. I attribute their killer immune systems to all the breastmilk they got/get, but there are times when a few days of kids being knocked out would be nice. What a horrible mother I am for saying that, lol. But it’s true. This was the longest, and most quiet DD has been in years. I confess, it was a nice break (and it’s not like she wasn’t eating or she was puking or anything).

Addendum: it’s the morning after I wrote this. I’m SICK. Karma, people. It’s karma…, where’s the NeoCitran? Ugh…

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