Greetings from the House of Plague

My friend KB came up with this title. Seems her family has the same bug going around as we do. It’s been a week of staying indoors (not hard given the crappy weather) and lots of napping and sleeping. We missed every activity this week except DS speech therapy, which we might as well have skipped as he wasn’t really into it and DD and I felt worse after leaving the house. Yesterday my head and sinuses were so congested I felt like my head would explode. But we are finally feeling better. DH took DS out for a walk, and DD seems to have more energy. I think by tomorrow I should be able to get out again.

Certainly being sick sucks, especially when you have young children at home and can’t get a break for yourself. On the other hand, with them being sick too we did get some opportunities to nap together, which was nice. I had both kids sleep in the big bed with me at night so I could be there for any nightwakings – DS was nursing alot more since he hadn’t been eating much, and DD often stirs in the night crying when she is feverish or has coughing fits. All it takes is a back rub and snuggle to settle her down. I confess that I still love sleeping with my kids. There is nothing in this world like being a “mama sandwich”! I love the security and loving feeling of having my two precious babies curled up against me. Sure I get cramped sometimes but it is so worth it. I know in a few short years they won’t be into this anymore and I will have lots of fond memories of these times.

So here’s hoping that we are all well on the road to recovery by Monday. I’m eager to get back to our regular routine!

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