Car Talk

[Note: the “E” on my kyboard is broken and only working sporadically so, in th intrsts of time I’m not going to go back and try to fix words; plase forgive the typos]

On my birthday DH’s “gift” to me was the announcement that we have the financial “green light” to go ahead and shop for a new car. And so we met up with Mum at the Auto Mall and she sat with the kids while DH and I looked and did some test drives.

I thought I knew what I wanted – a Mazda5. It has three rows of sats yet it’s almost half th siz of a minivan. But whn I finally got to sit in one and driv it, I wasn’t too imprssd. The Mazda5 felt just like being in my currnt car but longer at the back. Not alot of extra room to sit in. And since the engine is relativly small i wondre about prformanc if you had two adults and four kids in the car.

So DH suggsted we chck out th Honda CRV. It’s newly dsignd for this year and quite an attractive vehicle. Its graet on gas and has tons of cargo space and I like that i’m riding up a bit higher than a car, but it’s not a big vehicle. The only down side is that it’s basically the same engine type as the mazda5: 2.3 L and about 170 hp. Still, that is considerably more than my Protge which is 1.6 L and 108 hp.

I endd the day bing vry confusd and not knowing WHAT it was that I wantd. So it has been vry fun doing rsarch and tossing idas around with DH. I think what I’v ralizd is that th car that most appeals to me is a “crossover” SUV. A small SUV that handls lik a car. I nver thought i would want anything that could b describd as an SUV, so this was difficult to absorb, but thre it is. I likek riding up high, i lik the sportiness of it and we will b doing lots of camping this year.

The final piece in the puzzle pile is the BMW X3. No, I am not intreested in spending ovr $45k on a car. But you can get a used one, 2004, for almost the sam pric as the CRV. It definitely has “pep” and is a more solid vehicle, though the same size. But the interior comes in either leather or “leatherette”. The former is so impractical for a car that hauls kids around, but the latter was just icky. I wish they had cloth. So now I need to ask myself how I feel about driving around in a “luxury SUV”, albeit a small one? Not really my style – I abhor conspicuous consumption. But DH is a huge BMW fan (whn we were first married he had one; we sold it bfor moving back to Canada). Adn I admit they are a lovely vehicle to drive. So what would you do??? New car without that extra “zip” or used car with more preformanc and solidity (if that’s even a word).

Oh, and I’ll confess to a little age-related insecurity: I often wonder if, now that I’m practically 40, I need to be concious of “acting my age”. What I mean is….I find it rather pathetic to see women my age dressing like 20-somethings, or men my age driving around in vehicles that scream “I want to be 25 again, but with money” (aka: the midlife crisis). I’m not trying to be, or look, or act “young” because I’m not that young anymore and I’m PROUD of that fact. I *like* being 39 and I want to present that image, not an image of someone clinging to their youth. I went wild with fashion in my 20’s and enjoyed it all, but I’m done with that and ready to move on to a more sophisticated, but still Fun, image. I want my image to say “I’m 39 and LOVE it”. So you tell me, people, is a CRV just a bit too “early 30’s” for me? Would an older BMW be more befitting of my status as a proud “almost 40” year old? Am I pathetic and shallow for even wondering these things aloud?

Anyways, I’m having a lot of fun resarching cars and making lists etc. And….we just got some exciting news: DH gets his offer letter today! We have a rough idea of what kind of money is involved, but knowing the exact numbers might just impact our car-buying decision (hybrid SUV, anyone?).

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One thought on “Car Talk

  1. Tom Dawk

    Being a retired 66 year old, I faced the same problem. The Mazda5 got my money. The sliding rear doors was a strong selling point, our friends are getting stiff joints and the doors offer good access.Have used it on a 600 mile trip it is noisy a interstate speed. The audio system needs a turbo!! The steering is crisp and it has a small turning radius.

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