We’ve Arrived….now what?

It seems I spent most of my life looking toward the future, imagining a certain place and time where I basically have everything I want. Well, I think I am finally there.

We haven’t exactly led a conventional life these last few years. We somehow managed to keep afloat financially, although just barely, but in many ways we got left behind our peers in terms of the usual sorts of “planning for the future” strategies. On paper we had no stability because of moving so much, and nothing much to show for our years together in terms of possessions and acquisitions. I often felt conflicted between our “paper” profile, which basically said we’re not getting anywhere (or as I would put it, “we’re losers”), and the great potential I knew we both had.

But now our situation has changed – yesterday DH learned the terms of his new position and they surpassed our highest expectations. We’ll now have an income that will allow us to very rapidly “catch up” to where two professionals on the cusp of 40 should be. We’ll start with a new vehicle (looks like we’ve settled on the Honda CRV) and some time this year should be in a position to buy the home we want (assuming we find it, lol). Our new budget allows for all the comforts we could want, keeping in mind that DH and I are not big consumers, abhor clutter, and generally enjoy simple living.

As I pondered all this today I realized that there is really nothing more that I want. I am really comfortable and happy in our apartment and don’t mind one bit staying here for a while. The CRV may not be powerful or luxurious but it’s a comfy, practical, stylish vehicle with a fuel economy rating that makes me feel true to my environmental values. And Ithink it’s darned cute.

So here’s the tally:

  • A great husband.
  • Two fabulous kids with whom I get to spend most of my time (and theirs).
  • Fit and healthy parents with whom I have great relationships.
  • My own business to instill me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  • A new car (which isn’t important on its own, but we really have outgrown our current one).
  • A comfy, cozy, “worry-free” (i.e. rented!) home in our neighbourhood of choice, with a monthly cost that frees us up to do other things.
  • A budget that doesn’t precipitate an anxiety attack at the end of each month.
  • A workable, doable plan for future security.

There is nothing else I could want right now. My personal task at this point is to enjoy it. I’m very prone to worrying that, when things are good, something bad must be just around the corner. I’m not even sure what it means to have arrived at this point; seems all my adult life has been about looking ahead to it. What do I do now? Hmmm….Be thankful. Be humble. Be generous. Well, what do you know – there are still destinations to work towards!

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One thought on “We’ve Arrived….now what?

  1. Space Mom

    Belated Happy Birthday!I think we all stop at some point and say, “Wow, we’ve done all of this. Now what?”Enjoy the family you have and the relationships you are building with your children.Money is just paper and elements….

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