I like Thursdays

Today we had a great day. We went to our Homelearner’s DropIn and DD actually got along quite well with the other kids, with only 1 or 2 minor tear-causing incidents. Importantly, she and her nemesis made peace with each other and he won her heart when he sat while she read him a story about dinosaurs (she made up the story as she flipped through the pages but it was impressive, nevertheless). DS also joined in with a group of boys – suddenly he’s into boys! I think it’s because he’s into wrestling and only a 5 year old boy can appreciate his full-on head-butting maneuver! The two of them were quite active.

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that after dropin a bunch of us go to Science World. DS actually stuck with the group of us for a couple of hours before performing his escape maneuvers so I got to rest and enjoy myself for a bit. The mamas are great and I love hanging out with them. And DD was alot more involved with the kids, even playing hide-and-seek with them for some time. I can’t explain why things seemed easier for her today, socially, but maybe these regular get-togethers are helping.

The kids ran themselves ragged, but unfortunately DS fell asleep practically before we left the parking lot. DD was almost asleep when we got home. Just enough of a refuelling to guarantee they’ll both be up past midnight. And no, I’m not exagerrating. A 1 am bedtime is not unusual around here these days. So I’m now paying for my fun day. Still, I don’t regret it – the kids had a blast! It’s nice to have a whole day just for them to play.

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