Stop. Wait….and then what, exactly?

Our building has underground parking. When you pull into the garage there’s a sign that says “Stop. Wait. Watch. Security is everyone’s responsibility.” The idea, of course, is to make sure that potential car theifs and vandals don’t sneak in behind you.

What I’d like to know is this: if I’m sitting and waiting and some car pulls in behind me, what exactly am I supposed to do? Am I going to confront this person to make sure they live here? Or if some shady-looking character wanders in on foot before the gate closes, am I expected to do something about this? Spy on him from behind a pillar, perhaps? Lock myself in the car and hope I get enough reception on my cell phone to call 911? I don’t think so. I suppose I could go tell the building manager, assuming it isn’t late at night. But otherwise I think I’ll leave the security detail to our larger, male residents!

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One thought on “Stop. Wait….and then what, exactly?

  1. Nicki

    Well, when we lived in an apt, there were two parkade gates, both of which needed a security card to open. The first also had a call-panel, and went into the visitors parking, so that residents could buzz people into there (the same way they would at the front door) and the second was into the residents’ parking.I would always drive through the first gate, stop in a position where there wasn’t enough room to drive in behind me, and wait til the gate closed. If another resident came in behind me, the rule of thumb was to flash your security card and they flashed it back, in which case I’d move ahead and let them in. If not, the gate closes behind me, trapping their car outside and leaving me “safe” inside the first gate.In our situation, the ramp into the parkage was long and it was very unlikely that someone would walk down it. But if I ever felt uncomfortable, I would definitely have driven back out and parked elsewhere on the street — and if the discomfort was really bad, called 911. I certainly wouldn’t’ve wanted someone I didn’t know ducking into the secure section, where I would be trapped in with them, facing them in the elevator and so forth.

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