Well, I won’t do that again!

Today DD had a dentist appointment. Her last one (which was her first) went really well, but she’s gotten terribly upset at any mention of another visit (though she can’t tell me why). I did manage to get my FIL to meet us there and watch DS so I figured I’d be able to get her through it.

Since any mention of it led to instant tears I decided this time to not tell her where we were going until we got there. It was an experiment, and the results are in: don’t ever do this again!

The second we walked in and she realized where we were she freaked out. Nothing I or the nurse did, said, or offered helped. The poor kid was terrified and it soon became obvious that nothing was going to get done that day. Just to get the dentist to look in her mouth was an ordeal and it was as hard on me as it was on DD.

Next time I will warn her in advance and let her get her tears out then. She’s going back in 3 months and maybe by then she’ll be better able to handle it. I hope so. She suffers from very crowded teeth, as I did, and monitoring her for cavities is very important. I know we’re going to be in for some major orthodontics in the future!

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One thought on “Well, I won’t do that again!

  1. Nicki

    Awww! I’m sorry you and DD had such a rough time. C did amazingly well at her appt — I was shocked. I waited til about 1pm (the appt was at 3pm) before I told her what was going to happen. So she didn’t have too much time to stew over it but was somewhat prepared for going.We were there quite early (dunno how *that* happened!) and C actually made friends with a very outgoing 9 year old who was wearing a wizard’s cape, introduced herself as “Speed” (cause she likes to go fast in the undewater video in the waiting room) and immediately asked C if she likes Science — heh!I was quite tempted to mention to Dr. S. that he’d seen C’s friend earlier that day, but the appt was so focused I avoided the small talk (and I guess he couldn’t’ve said anything in terms of patient confidentiality anyway).I’m glad you had childcare for DS covered. My mum stepped in to cover for M, so that was nice at our end as well.Again, I have to say that for us, it’s getting easier with time and age — C was terrified of the dentist the first couple of times, but this was her third or 4th visit, and I’m really blown away at how well she did. Hang in there — time passes!

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