I’m in love…

My MacBook arrived today. I’m definitely a convert. Goodbye to my dysfunctional relationship with Windows!

So I open up my laptop and I can’t wait to get online and then I realize that DH isn’t here and I don’t know anything about our wireless network parameters. I mean, with Windows you have to enter all this information just to get started…so I’m all bummed and suddenly a window pops up and says “hey, do you want to connect to [our family network]?” and I’m like YEAH and poof! here I am. Now THAT is user-friendly, my friends!

And despite the fact that I’ve never used a Mac (well, okay, I learned how to use a computer in Grade 11 on an Apple IIe so technically that isn’t quite accurate) and yet I’ve managed to choose a desktop color, start email, change my mouse settings (I’m very particular about tracking speed!) and get online all without having to consult a help menu.

I don’t think I will ever look back…

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