She’s definitely reading

DD started reading simple words some time ago, like a year ago. I know she had learned many words, but wasn’t sure what was reading and what was memorization of the story words. If I ask her she says she can’t read, but I’ve been paying close attention lately and it’s apparent she can read fairly well.

In the store I thought I’d try some of that fruit juice with veggies that SunRype makes. Asked her if she wanted “juice” and she said yes. A few seconds after I put it in the cart she says “Mama, why does this say “vegetables”? lol. So much for deception, lol.

She’s also reading book titles of books we’ve never seen before etc. Rather exciting!

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One thought on “She’s definitely reading

  1. Nicki

    Reading probably feels so natural that she wasn’t aware that it was something she “learned”, it probably felt like it was just something she “knows”.. that’s the way it was for C.

    And keep in mind that sight-recognition of words also “counts” as reading — I believe reading is a combination of “whole word” memorization of the way a particular word looks as well as the ability to phonetically sound out a new word; I think the “whole word” vs “phonetics” argument is silly.

    The thing that really stunned me with C was her ability to read a huge variety of fonts and scripts without any confusion or effort. I remember in particular we were in the car one day and passed by a large cube van with a product written in joined-up writing on the side of it and she read it without hesitation.

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