Sleep Plan on Hiatus

Last week was Week 1 of the New Sleep Plan. I woke the kids up every morning, each day at a slightly earlier time, until they were at our goal time of 8 am. On Sat, Sun, and Monday night DD was in bed and asleep by 10, 10:30, and 10 respectively. Already a big improvement.

And the last two nights I put my foot down after story time and insisted on lights out even though she pitched a fit and swore she wasn’t tired (I thought otherwise). This was difficult for me – it only worked because she’s going through this phase where she’s decided she can no longer climb up and down her bunk bed, so without my “help” she was essentially stuck there. I hate using force and power to “get my way” but I told myself to just see how this went…her protests didn’t last long, and both times she fell asleep within a few minutes of snuggling with me. So it felt like I was doing the right thing. Hopefully with time she will grow to expect that this is just “what we do” and not fight it.

So Week 2 is now at hand and the plan was to continue the 8 am wakings and see how bedtimes are affected. Unfortunately, DS got sick over the weekend and napped a few times each day, with rough nights. DD came down with fever last night and had a very rough night. So all bets are off as I allow them to get as much sleep as their bodies need. I just hope it won’t be so hard to reset their clocks. Going back to zero so soon after starting is frustrating!

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One thought on “Sleep Plan on Hiatus

  1. Soundhunter

    I’d love to let our kids direct their own sleep, but my older one is disruptive of the younger one’s sleep and it was making the baby suffer, so like you, we’ve tried out letting our kids direct their own sleep and it just didn’t work for our family. I think it actually will when they are older and there’s no babies or young preschoolers in the house. Anyways, if you just keep going back to gradually getting up earlier slowly and consistently, it’ll all ebb and flow but you can get it back to earlier times when the late late nights get to be too much for your family. I’m glad you gave such a detailed review of that sleepless book, I’ve outdone our budget on book purchases for the next couple of months and I’ve wondered what the key points where, the gist etc of that book and you provided it, thanks.

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