My little boy is becoming…a boy

Today we took a walk to the playground, sans stroller. I’ve been experimenting with this more and more on my own, though when DH is with us, as today, we usually don’t. I have an extra pair of hands to chase after him, and a strong body to carry him home when he tires. Usually when he tires he stands in front of me and holds up his arms. But the last time we took a walk something new happened – he made his “I need your attention” sounds, turned towards me…and offered up his hand. He wanted me to hold his hand as I walked. He did this again today, making me think this is a new pattern of behaviour and a sign that he’s growing up. It’s also terribly sweet! Holding his hand used to be a strongarm maneouver I’d perform when safety dictated that he stay close. Now suddenly he wants me to hold his hand and is content to walk beside me. It feels like a massive leap forwards. How I long for the day when I can walk with my two kids and just…walk! Not chase or carry or push in a stroller while balancing packages and forget about carrying an umbrella. I feel like today we just came one step closer to that day.

In another DS First, I took him to bed this evening intending to lay down and nurse him to sleep. He hadn’t napped today and had wanted to go to sleep for the past 2 hours. To my surprise, when we finally went into the bedroom, he indicated he wanted something – a book! He picked his two current faves – Blue’s Clues and Dora. As we lay down I lifted my shirt so he could nurse, and he actually pulled my shirt back down! No nursing mama, just read! So I did. Then I wondered how I was going to turn the lights off without protest, as he generally asks me to read over and over and over again. But to my delight he did not protest at all when I turned off the light, and happily snuggled in to nurse.

I’d just been talking to DH today about working towards a bedtime routine for DS. It seems he may be ready for the “stories, lights out, nurse-to-sleep” sequence. We’ll give it a shot, anyways.

Toddlerhood is falling behind quickly. He’ll be 2.5 this April. By 3 we’ll be fully out of it (and hopefully not in the hell that was 3 with DD, but I’m ready for it this time!). I’m glad. I have to say that toddlerhood was my least favorite phase (and I’m sure it was b/c I had an older child, and his toddler-ness was often a real downer and interference in what we wanted to do).

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