Sleep Plan: going well

The kids’ illnesses did not last long this time around and we were rather quickly able to get back on track with the sleep plan. By this past weekend both kids were in bed by 10 pm and being woken up around 8:30 or 9 am. We also started using the bedtime routine regularly for DD.

This week marks Week 3 of the plan, which calls for regular 8 am wakeups and regular use of the bedtime routine. We’re starting it around 8:30 or 9 pm depending on how tired DD seems to be, the idea being that as the week progresses we can fine tune this and hopefully have her in bed asleep by 9:30, or even earlier, and have a set bedtime routine “start” time.

So far it’s going well. Both kids were tired yesterday after a rough night of DS waking a lot. I’d let them sleep in and, interestingly, DD woke herself up around 9:15 am. DS slept until 10 am, but that seemed good b/c he didn’t nap that day. And so…

…last night BOTH kids were asleep in their beds at 9:00 PM!!

Unfortunately DH and I were both way too tired to enjoy our “free evening”. We went to bed shortly after they did. And good thing, too, because DS had another restless night.

The book says that the sort of “crashing” that occurs when a child is kept from napping and kept awake until a certain time is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. My sleep log from back in November suggests this isn’t the case for us. However, the last two nights that DS has gone to sleep on a “no nap” day have also been very poor sleeps with lots of nightwaking and lots of “musical beds” being played.

The book says that it’s better to have a nap and go to bed a bit later than to hold out for the “crash”. Well today we are going to test that theory. Today was a textbook day: both kids were awake at 6:30 am (DS woke naturally and DD was awakened by the rest of the family getting up for the morning). They both had a nap at 1 pm, DD for half an hour (I woke her up as we arrived at our playgroup) and DS for just over 2 hours. He was awake at 3 pm, the cutoff time for napping according to our guru. They didn’t have as much active time as I’d have liked, but theoretically they should be ready for bed at a reasonable hour, given their early rising. Now, according to the book DS should sleep soundly tonight and not wake as frequently as he has been.

If this works I just might wake them at 6:30 every morning! Okay, that’s way too early for me, lol. But maybe 7 or 7:30. We’ll see how tonight goes. I’m hoping that DD will be asleep before 9:30 and same for DS. Then, here’s hoping that he sleeps more or less through the night (one or two stirrings I can take). The one slip-up is they didn’t eat dinner until close to 7:30, but we’ll just cut out the evening snack. I’m planning on starting the bedtime routine around 8:30 tonight.

I’ll report on the results in a few days!

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