my bad Apple story

I’ve been having some serious computer woes this month. The kids ripped some keys off my laptop keyboard a while back. It wasn’t exactly comfortable typing, but it was doable. Then the “e” key started working only intermittently. Every time I needed to type an “e” I’d have to push it several times, then when it finally worked I’d get a string of “e”‘s! Gradually it became more and more dysfunctional until it finally quit on me. My solution was to find an “e” somewhere and copy it to my clipboard, then press “Ctrl V” (paste) every time I needed an “e”.

Did you know that “e” is the most frequent letter in the English language?

Well, 3 weeks ago when my laptop keyboard was still working, but unpleasantly so, I decided to get a MacBook. My husband has been raving about Macs for yearsas long and everything else in our house (iPods, monitors, AirPort) are Apple so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I found a refurbished MacBook (the “middle” one with the DVD burner) for about $400 less than a new retail one. I’ve bought refurbished units before and think they are a great deal. In a couple of days Apple had sent me a nice-looking computer and I settled down to learn the OS-X operating system. Like everybody had said, it felt “intuitive”. I found it easy to change settings, etc. It was a lovely system and I was very happy.

Until it started shutting down on me without notice. As time went by it happened more and more frequently. This was worse than the PC’s famous “this program has performed an illegal operation” schtick. At least with that one you can sort of “ignore” it, along with the myriad other “warning” windows that pop up. But this was a total shutdown without any warning at all.

Well imagine my surprise when I Googled “macbook randomly shutting down” and found! Yes, there is an entire website devoted to the subject. Turns out this was a huge issue last year and Apple was well aware of it. They had to replace thousands of “logic boards and heat sinks” in these units. Somebody in the refurbished units section should be smacked upside the head for not checking to see if my unit had a new logic board and heat sink before they sent it out.

So off to my local Certified Apple Repair place do I go. One week later I get it back with just the heat sink replaced. Needless to say the problem was still there and now my computer is back in the shop again. I did call to complain and now have a loaner unit that Apple is paying for until mine is fixed.

It really sucks to buy some cool toy and have to wait over 3 weeks to play with it! Not to mention typing on my old PC has become a lesson in patience that I have yet to master. I still love the Mac system and will continue to use it, and I suppose there has to be lemons whenever you make thousands of things and it just sucks that I got the lemon, coupled with the screwup at the repair centre. They say bad luck runs in threes, but I hope not!!

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One thought on “my bad Apple story

  1. Space Mom

    My dad had that problem and he got a Brand new board. Direct from the factory!Now it works great!

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