Losing friends to school

There is a group of mamas and kids I’ve been hanging with for a couple of years now, since we moved back here from the US. I’m quite fond of many of them and DD has formed some nice friendships. One of them is with a boy, A., whom she has known since she was 2. Her mama is my friend, K, and we had our second kids within two days of each other. That first summer when the boys were babies and DD and A were not enrolled in any programs, we spent many days together. We live only 4 blocks apart and would go to the beach, the playground, the Aquarium, all over town. Then as DD and A got older and into programs we often took classes together. K and I pulled the older ones out of preschool within a few weeks of each other and made the decision to homeschool around the same time. We get together often and all enjoy ourselves.

The family prepurchased a condo last year on the other side of town and will be moving there in early ’08. And A just got a spot in wonderful kindergarten that is close to their new home. Between the move and A’s new schedule I’m wondering how much of them we’ll see next year. I wonder if they’ll still want to come to the Homelearner’s activities since they won’t be homeschooling now (and A won’t be available for the first half of the day). And then it hit me that the following year he’ll be in Grade 1 and essentially gone all day, every day.

I’m feeling rather sad about all this, although the school he’s going to is excellent and a good fit for him. An era is coming to an end. I mean, up until around age 3 there is no difference between schoolers and homeschoolers. But now we are beginning to go our separate ways and follow our separate paths. I’m hoping that K and I can stay friends – we’ve only known each other 2 years but I really like her and her family. She does have the younger boy who both my kids adore, and is expecting a girl this fall. So hopefully we may see her still with the younger two. But I’m kind of sad for DD because I don’t think her and A will see much of each other. I think she will really miss him.

I suppose this is where the decision to homeschool starts to really feel…”real”. When we are truly doing things differently than others, and when our schedules and lifestyles become far less compatible. Fortunately there are a few homeschooling families that I really like and am working on getting closer to. I hope we can form the kinds of bonds that we’ve formed with K and her family. It won’t change our decision to homeschool, but it will make it more enjoyable.

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2 thoughts on “Losing friends to school

  1. Emmie

    I feel bad for you but hey cheer up coz one thing I can guarantee, bad things never happen to nice people. Good luck.
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  2. Shelly

    I’m glad that you know some other homeschooling families that you can bond with. In my area there is one group that has thirty families, seventy children alone and they meet once a week. I can’t wait until DD is old enough to participate in the groups.

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