Refining the Dream

We spent today with our realtor in the small town outside the city where we’re looking for our acreage. Unfortunately, my mother has put her back out and was unable to sit for us (and couldn’t find a mother’s helper) so we had to drag the kids along with us. It’s about 1.5 hours to the town, then driving around to properties…I’m actually amazed they fared as well as they did, although copious amounts of cookies and drive-through food were required. But after 10 hours driving around squashed between two kids in the back seat I am completely spent!

Anyways, it was an interesting day. A while back I wrote about a small property I’d fallen in love with. We drove out to see it not long after I wrote that and realized that 0.5 acres was way too small, not to mention the property was in a flood plain that fulfilled its name on an all-too-regular basis.

More recently I fell in love with a 5 acre property higher up that had two little log cabins on it and was planted with Xmas trees. On the same road was a 10 acre parcel for almost half the price, but it was virgin land with nothing on it but trees. Heading up there today I was certain it all boiled down to one of these two places. But once again I discovered that there’s no substitute for being there. The place looked nothing like I’d imagined; it needs a whole lot of work, too much for what they’re asking for it. The other, undeveloped parcel may have already sold, but we got a chance to view many lots in various stages of being cleared as we drove around and I found it very daunting to see how much work was involved.

We also viewed a 2.5 acre lot with a lovely little house, barn, pastures and horses. But it was surrounded by neighbours on both sides, making it all seem smaller than it was, and leaving one with the feeling of being crowded.

I was getting rather depressed towards the end of our trip, thinking that I no longer knew what I wanted. Then we viewed a 10 acre lot that was totally cleared and fenced and being used as a cow pasture. It was a lovely piece of land, surrounded by gorgeous mountains in the distance, and light forest around the land itself. As the sun was getting low it was warm on our backs and so lovely and peaceful there. I felt better then, because I could see that our dream wasn’t unrealistic and that, somewhere, there is a property for us.

So while there were no major decisions made today, I’m feeling like we’re slowly honing in on exactly what we want. We want a minimum of 5 acres, no nearby and visible neighbours. We want cleared pasture land ready for fencing and buildings. We’re expanding our search further out from town as well. I suppose 1.5 hours versus 2.5 hours is not much different if you are making the trip only once a week – my Dad and his wife go to their house on the lake over on the Island almost every weekend, and it’s at least a 3 hour journey when you factor in the ferry ride (although at least on a ferry you can rest and aren’t driving the whole time). DH and I will probably go out to some “farther away places” with the kids next weekend and see how doable it would be.

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2 thoughts on “Refining the Dream

  1. Rhea

    I want acreage, too. I’d like to quit my job and look for acreage. Yeah, I see acreage in my future.

  2. Mandy

    Good luck on your land quest, my husband and I are in the same mode. One tip I’d pass along is a neat little site I found that deals with log cabins and has all kinds of interesting info about rural living and log home maintenance… its called the Log Cabin Directory. Hope this helps ~ Mandy

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