Some random updates

Speech: DS is in regular therapy now one day a week. As has become his pattern, he made the most progress while waiting to get in, lol. What he is now doing can definitely be called “talking”. He puts two words together regularly, such as “mama sit” and “open door” etc. His pronunciation isn’t great, and the speech therapist said she wants to work with him on his vowels. I actually thought it was the fact he often dropped his consonants that was the problem. But truth be told, I believe it’s simply a matter of practice. It does, after all, appear to be a motor skills issue. And we notice that words he says often (like “hot dog”) come out much clearer than new words, or ones he uses infrequently. I’m not convinced that the speech therapy sessions have much to do with his progress, but he so enjoys them and it’s rare one-on-one time for him so we’ll keep going. The therapist is nice and doesn’t seem to mind when I explain that, as a homeschooling parent, I really could care less if DS takes a bit longer to learn to read.

Dealing with the Four Yr. Old: my big revelation about DD’s behaviour seems to have left its impact, because I’m doing much better at keeping myself out of her interactions with other children (unless there is bullying or physical violence involved, of course). We were tested yesterday when a tired, grumpy DD was fighting with everybody. I managed to pretty much stand by and watch most of it without freaking out or getting myself between her and the other child, and for the most part it went okay. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was so much better than the last time that I really had to pat myself on the back.

Yearning for Land: after we spent the day touring the area we returned to the same town for a birthday party at our friends’ place. We had a good long chat with them about what’s involved in clearing land. Turns out they’d just had about a quarter acre cleared on their 5 acre property so it was fresh in their minds. And they’ve been in the area for over a decade and know all the people needed to do the work: the excavator guy, the well guy, the septic guy, the dude who lays foundations, etc. Knowing who to go to, having friends with connections, and getting a good idea of costs was really inspiring. I think DH and I are now back to our plans of getting some uncleared land. The 20 acre parcel we wanted has met the deadline for the current offer on it and we’re waiting to hear back from the realtor as to whether the deal fell through or not. We’re hoping on a long shot that the owner might consider selling us half if we can throw in a bit extra and cover the costs of subdividing, but I’m guessing they’ll say no. Even though we could technically afford the whole 20 acres, it would stretch our budget and we’re not comfortable with that. I have to be patient and trust that our ten acres will come up in another opportunity. The truth is that, even if we bought a place now, we likely would have to wait until next spring to start doing anything – once summer hits the growth will be too great and it will cost far more. Waiting to let winter kill off the undergrowth and then getting in there with the excavator before new stuff starts to grow seems to be the prudent plan. So we can afford to be patient. I’m just no good at waiting!

Lumpy Boy: this past winter saw colds running through our family on a regular basis. As usual the adults got the worst of it and the kids often got by with just a slight fever for a day or so. Must be the booby juice! Anyways, DS did have one nasty bout of the rhinovirus and developed a lump in his neck that, according to everything Google could tell me, was a swollen lymph node. They said it could take up to 6 weeks to subside after a cold. Well, it’s been at least that long since DS was sick and it’s still there, same size. And I think I found a couple other, smaller ones last night. I’ve made an appointment to go see our wonderful family physician. I’m pretty sure it’s just normal, childhood glands at work but of course everything goes through a mama’s head when it’s their baby’s health in question. Of all the warning signs, the only red flag is that it’s been over a month and no change. Otherwise he shows no other “symptoms of concern”, is as full of energy and lively and happy as any chubby toddler should be. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a kindred spirit to Spacemom, who is going through something with her ovaries that bring the same sorts of fears to mind.

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