What we’re up to these days

DS is obsessed with the alphabet, has been for months now. He recently moved on to numbers – he can count to twenty, although 13 through 18 gets garbled a bit, and has begun counting objects. He just turned 2.5 on April 8, so is he a genius or what? Now he’s singing songs. I did “Twinkle, Twinkle” with him last night and he beat me to the “world so high” part – I didn’t even know he knew the song. At our homelearner dropin today he discovered the table with action figures and castles. I am not up on toys for kids, so I don’t know what they were called, but it was sort of like Playmobil on steroids – chunky figurines of pirates and knights that squatted about 3 or 4 inches off the ground. DS was using the figures and making them walk, perform tasks, etc. It was fun to watch him getting into this imaginative play. He just started it recently when we got a hand-me-down plastic dollhouse. It has furniture but no dolls, so the kids use a couple of Playmobil guys who lost their hair ages ago, and some Lucky Trolls (my childhood collection).

DD is still obsessed with dinosaurs. I thought she knew everything about them but I guess there is lots to know. Her latest thing is to set up all her “squishy dinosaurs” (cheap, rubber models about 2 inches tall that we get at the dollar store) and make a “museum” where she then gives tours to paying customers (she charges only 1 dollar, lol). The tour includes the order in which animals appeared on earth (that’s according to Darwin, not Genesis, though the two do overlap, don’t they?), why dinosaurs became extinct, etc. She’s reading more words but I have yet to see her sit down and read a book to herself. She prefers to get books for older kids, usually textbook type stuff from the library, and she doesn’t usually want me to read those to her, but rather she will read them to us. She makes up most of it as she goes along, but speaks in the tone of a lecturer which is rather amusing. I’m constantly amazed at how much she learns without openly asking questions. She doesn’t often ask me questions directly, it’s like she absorbs information by osmosis. I recall reading on a website describing what differentiates gifted children from “bright” kids is that the latter ask questions but the former “just know”. Now I don’t think DD counts as gifted, but I have noticed that she does appear to work this way.

I am getting tired of reading Dr. Seuss at bedtime and am looking forward to doing some chapter books. So far when we try this we’ll read the first chapter one night, but when I go to read the second chapter the next night she freaks out and insists that I have to start at the beginning. I have to control my frustration: she’s not ready yet and she will be one day so chill, mama!

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One thought on “What we’re up to these days

  1. Summer M

    🙂 My oldest is an absolute dinosaur fanatic. My house overflows with dinosaur facts, toys, and games.

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