I love my kids best when we’re outside

It’s true. One thing about apartment living is that staying indoors is the Kiss of Death to harmonious living with young children. When my kids were much younger I figured anybody could do apartment living. But I didn’t realize that as they get older, their daily exercise requirements increase exponentially. It’s like having a Border Collie all over again – but back then I ran regularly and had time to take my dog to the local park to chase balls until she dropped from exhaustion. Seems my children are at the point where they require a not-insignificant amount of exercise, otherwise they go insane and drag me screaming and yelling along with them.

Oh how I long for this acreage to become a reality! Listings are moving very slowly…

Yesterday, during a break in the rain, we went for a little walk to the park across the street. DS found a full birdbath and with sticks and stones he played there for at least 20 minutes, and probably would have longer if we’d stayed.

I enjoy Tuesdays, when we have no activities scheduled. I usually putter around the house catching up on housework, laundry, and cooking. I actually enjoy baking. I actually got DD to eat a (gasp!) green vegetable by feeding her these zucchini muffins (I’m still trying to figure out how to cut the sugar in half without affecting the texture; I use 1 cup of brown sugar and skip the white sugar, but the muffins aren’t as fluffy – any advice is appreciated!). And I’m dying to try out Cheryl’s Apple Muffin recipe. But baking is very hard to do with two little ones underfoot. Generally they end up driving me batty, or sitting in front of a DVD while I bake. And so it is that, on most days, I feel obligated to plan an outing just so we don’t all go bonkers and I don’t turn into the Mum-From-Hell.

And so I imagine that when we’re out on the acreage I will be able to have these stay home days that I so enjoy, and the kids will have acres of yard to explore, puddles to jump in, sticks and stones to gather, critters to stalk and capture (we now have a pet garden snail), and just lots of room to run around in. And, when they are driving me batty, I can say “go outside and play!”…because there IS an outside!

Ultimately I’m after the simplified lifestyle. I don’t mean “poor and frugal”, that’s not quite my idea of fun, lol. But I mean Unrushed. That’s one of the hugest benefits of homeschooling, is the freedom to make your own Life, your own schedule. I am a social person and I get alot of that met by hanging with my fellow homelearning mamas. And of course the kids have their interests. But we don’t have to persue those interests for 8 hours a day, five days a week. We’ll spend our 3 or 4 days in the city, I’ll gab with my girlfriends and the kids will do their dropin stuff. We’ll eat sushi and visit the Aquarium and I’ll wear nice shoes. Then we’ll head out of town for a 3-4 day weekend and I’ll stay at home, puttering about in the garden, baking, making meals, and hopefully, sometimes, sitting out on a sunny deck knitting, watching the kids play. Or if it’s raining I’ll be sitting indoors, knitting, watching them get soaked, lol.

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3 thoughts on “I love my kids best when we’re outside

  1. Anna B

    This is one of the things that I look forward to and worry about the most. DS is such a social thing. A day without friends is like a day without air for him. I worry that being so far away from easy access to others will be hard on all of us.He is an amazing big brother, and he and M play so well together. But he will ask all day if we can have friends over or go visiting.

  2. SoundHunter

    What exciting times for you guys, this transition. I remember apartmentliving in Vancouver, though we moved away when Emma was 15 months old. I kind of miss the playground scene, going to our urbn playground and meeting new people all of the time, but there is certainly lots to be said for kids having the freedom to do some safe roaming in a rural setting. Good luck with realizing this dream of yours!

  3. Cheryl

    I hear you about being trapped in a tiny space with two wrangy kids! It’s amazing how getting out for even a few minutes can shake things up enough to keep the peace.About the muffins – brown and white sugars have different effects on the texture of baked goods, so maybe using brown instead of the white is what’s making them less fluffy. Brown sugar doesn’t have much more nutritional value than white (most brown sugar is actually just white sugar with just a smidge of molasses added back in), so it might be worthwhile trying them with half the amount of white sugar instead (assuming you haven’t already tried that!). Sorry I’m not more help!

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