More of the Same

As I wrote in my last post, with our planned homelearning program now out of the question I’ve been thinking about which other such program will substitute, and I’ve decided we are going to do none of them.

I’ve thought about what sort of classes to do with her, but the truth is I am not sure she really needs to do much, even though this is the “kindergarten year”, the year everybody seems to think that school really begins (even though it’s just a way to suck the kids into thinking school really is Fun, just like they said on Blue’s Clues).

DD is not the type to sit through a class and be lectured to for very long. She doesn’t actually find that interesting. DD does not like to be taught, she likes to teach herself and then play at teaching others. One of her favorite games is to read to people (or stuffed animals) by holding the book in her lap facing outwards, librarian style. She also likes to make museum displays and invite people to come for her “tour”. And she likes to play “teacher” and lecture her students about the dinosaurs and other things.

I’m sure as she gets older she will want to persue her interests more fully and deeply, and we’ll find courses and camps and day programs that will do just that. But for now, it’s not really what turns her crank. I keep reminding myself that she is only 5, and that even if she gets “behind” in some things over the next year or 2, when she’s ready for whatever those subjects are she will eat them up and master them quickly, because she’ll be driven and ready to do so.

She enjoyed the classes at the local Ecology Centre last fall and winter. We’ll likely do those again and hope that DS has matured enough by then to be present without being a distraction. We’ll keep up with gym class because she loves it and the exercise is good for her. That is the only class she takes without me present and unless she specifically asks to go to another such class I can’t see it happening any time soon. So anything that me and DS can’t be at with her isn’t going to be an option. Which doesn’t mean there is nothing, because there certainly are things we can all do together (DS’s maturity-level notwithstanding).

In short, I don’t see any need to start anything, other than to pacify the family members who will be concerned that she will now officially be “behind” because every other five year old is “in school” (yeah, right) and she’s not. Insert major eye roll here. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing until DS is at the age where he can come too and not be a whirlwind tasmanian devil to contend with, and until DD is at the point where her desire to participate in a class will win over her belief that she can’t do it without me there. I will, however, attempt to keep a portfolio, because I think it’s good for all of us to be able to visualize our progress. And yes, I confess, it gives something to show the doubting masses.

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