Summer is Here

Okay, it’s not officially summer for another month but today’s weather screamed Summer! It was not just warm but hot (25+ degrees), the sky was clear blue, it was great.

The kids and I headed out to my friend’s place in a suburb way out from town. “Auntie J” lives in a little cottage of a house with a huge yard that she has spent the last three years landscaping, turning into a beautiful outdoor paradise. She also has a new man in her life, who has just moved in with her. He’s a chef and therefore very familiar with growing edibles. The two of them were so cute, talking about what to plant in this box, where to put the beans, etc. I can’t wait to have my own little piece of land to garden.

And the kids – man, what fun they had! We were out in the yard all afternoon. DS played with a kiddie pool full of water and a pile of rocks. DD caught and brought to us every kind of bug you can imagine: worms, sow bugs, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, and a ladybug. Every five minutes you’d hear this shriek of excitement, followed by “mama! I found a !”. I love that my girl is like this, not afraid to have little things crawling over her, fascinated by all the life in the garden. We rubbed our hands on lavender and mint leaves. We watered the tomato plants, admired Auntie J’s huge Gunnera plant (think alien landscape from a Star Trek episode), and the wild mushrooms growing from a pile of mulch.

It was everything I want for us – the kids wandering, getting sun and fresh air, exploring nature right in the backyard. I got to sit back and enjoy, relax (all fenced in!), feel the sun (and chat with my girlfriend). If I’d had a garden I’d have been in there for sure.

It’s really, really hard to wait. Part of me wants to just pick the best place of the lot right now and buy it so we can start living this lifestyle *this* summer. But, none of the places are really what we want, and this isn’t something to take lightly. I suppose I may have to distract myself by doing lots of camping – we’re going to attempt it next weekend when we head out of town to check out some properties. Bring on the Summer!

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One thought on “Summer is Here

  1. Elaine

    Have fun – I’d sing ‘Hot Time, Summer in the City’ but you obviously want that to be in the country – lol.

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