A Night to Remember

I have never been what some might call a “music fan”. I enjoy listening to music, but I don’t obsess about it. And truth be told, I never really enjoyed rock concerts as much as other people seemed to, at least not the big venue ones. I felt that the music never sounded as clear as the recorded versions, that the singers would often change the way they performed the songs so that they didn’t sound just like the ones I’d come to know and love, and that, visually, there was not much to look at except some teeny figurines on a stage far away with lots of flashing lights. My favorite concerts were the ones in small venues, where you felt you were actually interacting with the players.

Last night DH and I attended the Police concert, the second night of their world tour, launched here in our fair city. As I wrote before, I paid a rather large sum of money to secure tickets in the second row. I had “buyers remorse” for some time after that, and entertained the idea of exchanging them with a scalper for some cash and seats a few rows back. However, as the time for the concert drew near and the hype started to build around town, I decided to keep what I had. I am SO glad I did.

We were so close to the stage, and since the folks in the front row stood forward at the barricade, it left lots of room between us and them, giving us the sense that we had an unobstructed view. It was amazing being so close to the band. The three of them were obviously having a very good time, Sting would smile and make jokey expressions at times, all things you could not catch further away. It gave it such an intimate feel, and it was surprising to look back and see three levels packed full of people. And despite my worries that we’d be too far over to the left, Sting himself was positioned to the left of centre stage (Andy was on the right) so we were situated just perfectly.

And the music was wonderful! They did change the way they performed some songs, though not significantly, and they did a medley of songs. But it was all good. There’s something about being that close that makes it a completely different experience. Otherwise, you are just listening to music, but up close we could appreciate all the details that were going into it. They played beautifully and you couldn’t help but just move your body and feel the wonderful rhythms flowing through you.

It was two solid hours of on-your-feet, cheering dancing. My body is stiff and sore today, but it was all worth it. I never did get a chance to see them back in the eighties, and I’m quite sure they won’t tour again after this long, world-wide venture. So this was likely my only chance to see the Police in action. And yes, it was definitely worth every single penny. In fact, knowing how great an experience it turned out to be, I would have paid even more!

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