Weight issues already

Today I met up with a couple mama friends at a park that has a small pond. It wasn’t all that hot out, but the kids decided to throw off their clothes and go wading anyways. I had a chance to observe DD frolicking with the other two almost-5 year olds and it became quite apparent to me that DD is getting chunky.

No, I’m not paranoid or obsessed with weight. I’m not trying to be hysterical or anything like that. I weighed DD tonight and she is 47 lbs. She has gained at least 2 pounds in the last couple of months or so. According to this chart, she is about 90th percentile. But what matters more to me is what I see. I’ve been a bit suspicious for a while, but today I felt it was clear that DD was moving towards an unhealthy weight.

I’m concerned about weight for two reasons. One, because I know there is an epidemic of childhood obesity and I fully believe that responsibility for this lies almost solely in the domain of the parents. I swore I would never let my kids get to an unhealthy weight (note I didn’t say “fat”). I do not want to be the parent of an obese child, not just because it’s robbing them of health and life, but also because I believe it reflects badly on myself as a mother and I take pride in my job; I want to do it well.

Two is because I have an incredible sweet tooth and I am admittedly addicted to sugar. I’ve managed to indulge for the last several years without being penalized by the bathroom scale because I’ve been lactating and burning off excess calories, but that joy ride is over now. Unfortunately, when getting myself a daily treat (say a chocolate bar) I would get DD one too. A box of Smarties has more impact on a 4 year old than a Kit Kat does on a 39 year old. I know that DD has my sweet tooth and that makes me feel double responsible. It’s hard enough for me to restrict myself; I can’t expect her to do it. To make matters worse, I realized we’ve also been eating takeout alot lately, as I seem to have flunked out of my own meal planning program.

I’m taking this very seriously and soberly. I have fallen into some bad habits and it’s time to put a stop to it. If there is anything I cannot abide it would be to fail my child by feeding her too much crap and setting her up for a lifetime of weight and health issues. On the bright side, doing it for her benefit may just be the motivator I need to cut back on sweets for myself as well. Thank goodness it’s summer and there are lots of yummy fruit choices (nectarines are lovely right now!). Now, if I can just solve my baking dilemma….

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One thought on “Weight issues already

  1. Space Mom

    Two things:Has she always been 90 percentile? Can you go back to her well visits and track her? If she’s always been there, don’t worry.S has always been around 50 percentile. That’s where she is.Second: Okay, so you guys have a daily snack. Make a change. Here’s a suggestionMLT:”DD, I would sure like a candy bar, but I just looked at the lable and this is not very healthy.” (show her the lable, explain how much sugar and what the calories mean in terms of how much energy your body will get from that candy bar)”DD, maybe I could have a small part of this and some fruit too. Can you help me pick out a fruit? “”What do you want for your snack?Hmm, let’s see if that’s a healthy choice? Oh, it’s not the best choice, How about you pick a fruit too and you have a little of this candy and then your fruit. We’ll save the rest for tomorrow’s snack!”Model the behavior desired and then follow through. Have HER help YOU be healthy and in the process, she will eat healthier too!

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