Just say no to Adolescence?

My head is still spinning from reading this wonderful post by Miranda over at Nurtured By Love. I couldn’t help but consider the advantages that homeschooling, and particularly unschooling, give when it comes to allowing our children to experience adulthood when they are ready, not when the school system says they are (see the post below). I’ll expand on the topic later when I’ve had more time to digest it (and when I’ve ordered the book from Amazon, lol).

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One thought on “Just say no to Adolescence?

  1. Shawna

    I just read her post as well and will be getting the book too.

    The topic is one that has haunted me for awhile now, but I usually run into resistence with my views (very similar to Mranda’s)…especially by my fellow Americans who just do not like the idea of looking at ourselves in light of other countries and nations **sigh**

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