Hooked on Workbooks

DD has shown an interest in worksheets and workbooks. She particularly enjoys Word Search puzzles. The other day I was browsing through Costco (the Canadian equivalent of Sam’s Club) and came across this book. It is filled with all sorts of word games and puzzles you can play with a pen, and I wondered if DD might find it interesting. She is crazy about it.

An unexpected result of having this book is that I discovered DD can read. I mean, really read. I know she can read many words, but she so far has refused to read a book to me, or out loud to herself (although she has memorized many of her books and will read those ones aloud). When I’ve asked her if she can read a book to me she says no. But with this workbook she needed to read some words out loud and then there were some short stories, etc. And what do you know, she read them!

And then last night, while we were in bed reading stories, she actually asked to read certain parts of the book, and then she offered to read the whole book! She does know the story fairly well, but there were parts where I could see and hear her sounding out the words. It was very cool!

Workbooks can be a contentious issue among unschoolers, but if the child has a genuine interest in them and enjoys them, then the child should have them. That is what unschooling is all about, IMHO. Besides, I well recall enjoying doing workbooks when I was a child. Before I started “having” to do them in school, that is.

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One thought on “Hooked on Workbooks

  1. Shawna

    “I well recall enjoying doing workbooks when I was a child. Before I started “having” to do them in school, that is.”

    EXACTLY!!! My son enjoys them as well. Begs to do them, so I am careful what I get and never push. Right now he has cursive workbooks he like sworking on– a few pages every weekor so LOL

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