A tale of two properties

I’m one of those people who need to write (or talk) to sort through my thoughts. We’re down to 2 choices for our new home, and although we’ll find out tomorrow, I still can’t help but obsess about it today.

The first place is a nice house on 2 acres. I’m expecting it to look quite nice inside since it was completely renovated just 3 years ago….okay, so maybe the owners have some horrible country thing going on and it will be hideous. But I’m hoping for attractive. I’m so tired of living with “renters carpeting”. Ours is a nondescript bluish colour with flecks of every other colour in it, all the better for hiding crappy tenant stains, etc. I’ll admit it’s been good when DS poops on the floor, but still….I’m ready for something more than cheap laminate countertops and badly painted cabinets with centre pulls that can never hide their tacky 70’s origin. The decor of our home seems stuck somewhere between “college-student, nothing-matches, laminate Ikea” and “we’re grownups now (and we buy *real wood* Ikea furniture, thankyouverymuch)”. While the place has been fine for entertaining my mama friends (nobody expects a page out of Martha Stewart Living when dealing with the drooling and diapered set), I’m honestly too embarrassed to have anybody else over, like a business associate or colleague.

The house also has a self-contained suite that would come in so handy for guests and family members coming to visit us. There is also a fenced-in yard (doin’ the mama happy dance!) which means the kids can go out and I don’t need to worry about them wandering off, getting eaten by bears, or falling in a creek (a nod to Spacemom here, and her post about whether kids should be left unsupervised in their own yard). After 3 years of apartment living, I am all about letting them go outside so I can get stuff done in the house! Besides, that’s what they invented walkie-talkie sets for. To make things even more attractive, the owner is okay with us getting a dog. I’m a total dog-person, have had them most of my life, and have been waiting patiently for the chance to have another one. And if I’m going to be living in a house in a remote-ish area, I want some kind of protection/early warning system.

The final plus to this place is the option to buy it next year, as they want to sell it then. However, this is also potentially a big minus: what if we can’t afford it? Then we’ll be forced to leave our new home after only 1 year. That would suck. It may also put pressure on us to choose it over other potential homes for sale, since we may have already formed an attachment to the place. DH says he’s okay with that, and since he’s not the impulsive one in the family I guess I’ll have to trust him to know what’s right when the time comes.

The other property is a 6 acre ranch. It has a smaller house and it’s on well/septic instead of city/sewer. There’s a chicken coop, barn, and fenced pastures. Honestly, the only downside I can see (unless the place turns out to be a dump) is that 6 pastured acres may be a lot more work than 2 mostly forested acres. Otherwise there are lots of “pluses”. They want long-term tenants, we can get a dog AND chickens and probably even horses and/or ponies. And it’s closer to town, shaving about 15 – 20 minutes off what will already be a long commute for DH. We could live there for a few years, saving up a ton of money, all the while leading the rural lifestyle I’ve been dreaming of (and able to leave at any time should I decide to run screaming back to the city).

While my gut feeling is leaning towards the 2 acre place, I’m starting to think the 6 acre one might work, too. Of course, the only way to know is to go see them, and that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post tomorrow evening and let y’all know what happens. In the meantime, I’ll keep staring at Google Earth hoping the answer will come to me through grainy closeups…

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