And now, the post you’ve all been waiting for…

I’d been looking forward to Sunday all week. So it figures that on Saturday night I came down with some wicked virus that left me feeling like death warmed over. I awoke on Sunday to feel every muscle in my body aching, my glands were swollen and sore, and every time I swallowed it felt like there were shards of glass stuck in my throat. It was all I could do to get my sorry butt in the car and head off for our home-finding adventures.

The first place we viewed was a house on 6 acres. Not only did the land need a LOT of work, but the house was a dump and the landlords seemed pretty cheap. Next!

We then went to view the house on 2 acres that I was so excited about. My first thought when we got there was that the house was too close to the street. Inside it was quite nice, with a huge lovely kitchen and good sized bedrooms. However, the layout was rather strange – from the living room and kitchen you looked out onto the street. You couldn’t see the back yard except from the bedrooms. I would not be able to easily keep an eye on the kids. The yard was huge, however. And the terms she was offering were good: if we decided to buy she would put half of all rent paid towards the downpayment. And the purchase date was very flexible.

Problem is, the property was being subdivided so we’d have people right next door. And there were two protected fish habitats on the property. This can seriously curtail your rights as a property owner in terms of what you can do with the land. I understand and support the use of protected areas, but in this case it meant that a 2 acre parcel was basically only about a 1/4 acre of usable land.

I was unsure of what to do, and panicking in my uncertainty. Thankfully DH said we have a family policy of not making any big decisions without sleeping on it for 24 hours. As we drove home, we were both quiet. My thoughts were scattered – wasn’t this what we wanted? Then why wasn’t I feeling excited? DH raised some good points.

First, it’s not a property we would want to buy, so renting under a purchase option agreement would seem silly. Second, the place really wasn’t that big when it came down to it – most of the property was unaccessible and unusable, so it was basically your garden-variety house with big yard. You don’t have to move 1.5 hours out of town to get that! Even the street it was on seemed more residential than rural (even if the property sizes were big). Ultimately we decided that it just wasn’t worth the huge commute. DH is calling her today to say “thanks, but no thanks.”

By the time we got home I was in pretty bad shape. I went to bed and didn’t get up until this morning. But I recall feeling, as we pulled into our garage,…”Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

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2 thoughts on “And now, the post you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. Elaine

    Sorry it didn’t work out the way you hoped but at least you know it wasn’t meant to be. Now for just the right place to come up,within easy commuting distance.

  2. Space Mom

    When we went house hunting the first time, we actually offered on 2 houses that fell through! We saw about 20 houses total! And we KNEW we would not stay there forever…The second time, we only saw about 10-15 houses and only bid on one…And I even made our broker back away for a week while I thought about it.You will find the perfect place…give it time!

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