Well, all that stress and disappointment was worth it in the end, as I suspected. We found a house today, and we take possession on September 1st! (but we’ll have our place until at least the 15th, so it won’t be a rushed move)

It’s in a suburb, but the closest one to the city. Our neighbourhood is a very lovely one and it’s handy to everywhere we go. It is less than 15 minutes to DH’s office, and about 10 minutes to my Mum’s place. It is 2 minutes away from the highway that runs out of town and so is handy to all sorts of other places we go (like IKEA, which I will be frequenting in the near future!)

It was one of those viewings where as soon as I walked in I loved it. The layout is supurb. The living room/dining room is bright and cheerful, with a big fireplace (gas, and it works!) with painted white brick surround. Real hardwood floors and sliding doors that lead onto the most massive deck I’ve ever seen! It is about 500 square feet and faces south, but then wraps around to the west of the house where another door leads into the kitchen. The kitchen is also bright and has a “breakfast nook”. There are 3 bedrooms, one of which will be the kids’ room, and the other will be our home office. The master bedroom has a large walk-in closet (DH and I will finally be able to share a closet!) and a lovely ensuite with large shower. Another bonus – there is also a set of stairs that go down to a rec room. All the kids toys will go there and they can mess it up as much as they want! Heck, I don’t plan on ever picking up toys again, lol! And it has an attached garage with shelves along three sides, room for our big car and even for a workbench for DH.

Outside it gets even better. The yard is fully fenced and surrounded by tall hedges. And it’s HUGE. It stretches around three sides of the house. It’s a corner lot and it even has a wooden playset AND a separate swing set! I mean really, could it be more perfect? Yes it can! There is a *gardener* to look after the yard! Still, I plan on setting up some square foot gardening plots and planting veggies in the spring. I will also FINALLY be able to compost! I will also put planters on the deck and put bulbs in them for next year.

We will have to buy some furniture. Our little sofa/loveseat combo (teeny condo size) will be split up. The sofa can go in the rec room (it’s a bit stained now) and the loveseat will go in the office. I’ll basically need to furnish the living room with sofa and chair and rug, and maybe a TV unit. I’ll also want some patio furniture! I’ll have to check out the end-of-season sales. We can get a big umbrella style set and a smaller set for the off-the-kitchen part. Come next summer the kids can have a big wading pool…

This is a house that begs for kids to come over and PLAY. I can’t wait to set up playdates for all my friends, and I can *finally* host some LLL meetings!

I am so incredibly high and happy I’m just bouncing around the place. Goodbye tiny apartment! Goodbye dark, north facing apartment! Goodbye panic at my child throwing toys out the window!

Oh, and did I mention there’s a corner store two blocks away for those last minute milk runs? And a park half a block away with a playground? And an elementary school one block away with two large playgrounds? And a huge public pool/ice rink complex within walking distance?

Could I be any happier? I DON’T THINK SO!

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4 thoughts on “FATE HAS SMILED UPON US!!!!!!

  1. SoundHunter

    Hurray! Sounds incredible!

  2. Elaine

    How wonderful!

  3. Nicki

    WOOOO!! Congrats M!

  4. Cheryl

    We just got back from our holidays, so I’m a little late to get your news. Congratulations, it sounds fantastic! You must be so thrilled!Good luck with your move!

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