Packing made easier

Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but I am just so excited about this…I’ve been getting a bit stressed out over the pending move. The movers are arriving 10 days from now. DH is going to be away on business in Europe for most of next week, which means it’s up to me to pack up our home!

I quickly decided that I didn’t have the time or ability to engage in box-hunting – you know, that timeworn tradition of student life where you cruise liquor and grocery stores begging for their used cardboard boxes (and competing with every other penny-pincher about to move that month). But the thought of purchasing a stack of cardboard boxes, using them once, and then disposing of them (even if it is to the recycle bin) seemed like such a waste.

And then I stumbled upon this website. What a fantastic service! And what a user-friendly website. I was able to calculate how many boxes I’d need and place an order with ease. They even allow you to purchase a big-ass marker, packing paper and bubble wrap. And they deliver (and pick up) all of it! I tell ya, this must have been started by some poor mother who had to pack up her household while caring for her young children. I am SO thrilled to have found this, and am looking forward to receiving my stackable boxes. I’m not worried about packing anymore, and I think the movers will thank me, too!

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One thought on “Packing made easier

  1. Anna B

    Good lord, that is brilliant.

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