Laundry Love

I confess I am “domestically challenged” when it comes to certain household duties. Laundry is definitely one of those. I have shrunk and discoloured many items of clothing. I admit it, I’m too impatient to sort and all the rest of it, particularly when living in an apartment where there simply isn’t room to hang things neatly, create little piles of colours and darks and lights…no laundry apartheid here!

But the one thing that has bugged me is this: our laundry smells. And it’s worse when it’s been sitting in the drawer or shelf, bunched up with other smelly items. Now I’ve always avoided fabric softener because 1) you never use it on cloth diapers and 2) I figured it was basically just a chemical cocktail of nasty things that my babies didn’t need against their precious skin.

Well, I was at Mum’s the other day helping her have a post-operative shower (she had a knee replacement 3 weeks ago) and I was in awe of her towels. They were soft and fluffy, not crispy like mine, and they smelled NICE. I didn’t want to go out and buy a bottle of Downey, but now I knew what towels could be and I wasn’t going to settle for stinky and crunchy anymore.

I headed off to the Natural Home Care forum at MDC, but before I could check back for an answer I was at our local HFS buying environmentally friendly dishwasher liquid and laundry powder and what do I see? The same company makes Fabric Softener! I grabbed a bottle of Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender and, for the first time ever, was excited about doing laundry!

I am thrilled with the results. My towels (which admittedly are all about 20 years old) are soft and nothing stinks! In fact, the scent left behind by the fabric softener is so subtle you wouldn’t really guess it’s a scent. Rather it just smells…clean! I am overjoyed and will never wash without fabric softener again! Thank you Seventh Generation!

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One thought on “Laundry Love

  1. Anna B

    before you wash everything with fabric softener, I would do them all with a white vinegar rinse first. it will kill anything that may have been causing the smell and it will help retain absorbancy, which you loose with fabric softener.

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