So disgusting it’s funny!

In two days my Moving Blocks arrive and I will start packing. I think it goes without saying that my motivation for keeping this place tidy has been reduced to almost nothing. Instead I’ve developed a sort of sick curiosity as I wander through my apartment, kind of like passing a car wreck – you wanna look, yet you are disgusted at your own interest in it. I look around my living room and see such a level of messiness that I am actually in awe of it. And I laugh, because really it is so liberating to just not care. We’ll be out of here in a week, the place will be power-cleaned, and packing will necessarily clean up most of the stuff lying around here.

In this photo of the kitchen you’ll note the pizza box on the stove – DH left for a 5 day business trip and I am so tired and headachy today that I almost feel hungover. Yet with no fond memories of heavy drinking involved to make it remotely worth the pain. I’ve blissfully turned a blind eye to the kids’ behaviour today. Their moments of insanity have been ignored because they haven’t left the apartment today and have alot of pentup energy. But I have to say that mostly they have been having some wonderful adventures – it’s true that a messy kid is a happy kid! In one of the photos you can see the open kitchen cupboards: these were a castle, DS was a baby dragon, and the food scattered on the floor was brought in by Sir DD, who is playing the role of Knight of the Baby Dragon. How do you explain to a vibrant five year old young woman that girls weren’t allowed to be knights in the days of yore?

In the other photo you might notice some art supplies, pencil crayons and paint felts lying around. Earlier they were colouring and decided to paint each other. Nothing a long soak in a bubble bath can’t fix. So we’ll enjoy what’s left of this Messy Day. Tomorrow my mother’s helper comes over – we’re heading off to the new house so they can play and visit the local playgrounds and I can start painting. I have no idea what I’m doing but hey, I spent 10 years watching home improvement shows – a little painters tape and some tarps…how hard can it be?

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