We’re in!

When the Silverdale program went all “ministry of education” on us there was a mass exodus of unschooling families to the SelfDesign program at Wondertree and I missed a spot before I’d even made up my mind to join. I found out today that they opened up some more spaces for registration this year. I’ve just completed the application and am very excited! So many of my homelearning friends are in this program and I am excited to have an excuse to start DD’s portfolio. Yes, I get off on that sort of thing. Sad, but true!

In other discoveries, yesterday I found out that the area we’re moving to has its own homelearner’s group that, by all reports, is fairly well organized. Some of my city-dwelling friends go to their meetings and events (our new suburb is very close to downtown), and we can still stay involved with our current homelearner’s group as well. There’s alot of overlap between the local groups. I’m excited about having a new community to visit without abandoning my ties with the city homelearners I’ve come to know and love. Most of them are in SelfDesign anyways, so we’ll also encounter one another in the “online village” that SelfDesign maintains.

I know I need this sort of structure to really optimize our time. I’m finding it too easy to get distracted by my own responsibilities and projects. And I’m really excited about sitting down with DD and creating a Learning Plan (see here for a great example).

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2 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. Shawna

    Well congratulations!!!!

  2. Miranda

    Wondering how things are working out for you on SD. I remember my first week or two as feeling kind of overwhelming because the Learning Plan had to be hashed out, and I was new to everything. I couldn’t figure out where to send stuff, and what the planners were for, and whether I could edit or reply to this or that. As time went on, and the LP’s were done, it was easy to just go with the flow. But I hope you’re finding that flow now. I’ll have to look for you on the village!

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