Life in the ‘Hood

Today we spent a few hours at our new house. The kids played with my Mother’s Helper while I puttered around. I swept the frontage of the property and the driveway, picked up a bunch of litter from the lawn (lots of cigarette butts and other bits of wayward trash), weeded the front garden, etc. There are a few weeds growing out of cracks in the concrete paths and borders – I don’t want to use some nasty toxic weed spray so I’ll have to search for an environmentally-friendly solution.

I was pleased to discover that I really enjoyed the work. I wonder if I’ll still feel this way a year from now, but today I really loved it. It was so nice to be hanging out at home, not worrying about the kids screaming excitedly, and actually being outside at the same time (it was overcast today, but still pleasantly warm). Even after my helper left the kids still played around inside and out and I didn’t have to keep an eye on them constantly.

Later the landlords appeared, ready to fix up more of the numerous little details left behind by the previous tenants. These landlords of ours are a dream: they want the place to be not just functional but *nice*. They’re replacing and repairing all sorts of things that most landlords wouldn’t want to pay for. They even offered to pay for the paint I bought, which I considered a decorative touch and not a necessity. They have a list a mile long of things they wish to do and I am just feeling very lucky to be their tenants. In return, I vow to take much better care of the place than the previous tenants appeared to.

There’s no doubt that this is suburban living, but I have to confess that I’m really loving it so far. It helps that we live in a district that is green as can be, basically on the side of a mountain range (i.e. not flat and boring), and the neighbourhood is lovely. I left the kids with my helper to go grocery shopping. I discovered the nearest shopping centre and was very pleased. There’s a good grocery store and even a little produce store that begs further investigation as it may have some more of the health food brands I like. The drug store, bank, even cold beer and wine store are all there (BC is liberal in so many ways but you still can’t buy liquor anywhere but a liquor store). It doesn’t have a big sprawling feeling like strip malls or mega malls, and it’s surrounded by lush evergreen forest. Yes, I have to drive there but at least I can run all my usual errands (post office, groceries, drug store, etc) in this one place that is about 2 minutes from home.

Life is definitely going to be different here. But I’m really liking it so far and we haven’t even moved in yet! I feel like I might be selling out to the suburban dream, the environmentally naughty single-family dwelling with big lawn and drive-everywhere neighbourhood. I’ll explore this concept further in future posts. For now, consider me a fan of the Big Yard and being able to hang out with the kids outside yet still engage in some domestic bliss (I can’t wait to start hanging laundry on my clothesline!).

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2 thoughts on “Life in the ‘Hood

  1. Elaine

    Glad it is coming together for you

  2. Hornblower

    I came here via your hs blog & via the vancouverhomelearners msg board…. we used to live in a concrete highrise until our kids were 11 & 8 when we moved to the lovely burbs. We’re actually near that Ikea you mentioned 🙂 I love the yard, love the space, love the gardening, insects, birds, raccoons. (Rats & mice in the yard, not so much.) We haven’t looked back. Hope you enjoy your first fall in the house!

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