A new project to get excited about!

I posted about this on my regular blog, but since it has definite value as a learning opportunity I thought I’d post about it here, too.

I’ve been thinking about getting a pet (AnnaB spoke my mind). I’m not ready for the commitment of a dog (and the landlords need to be convinced that Basement Suite Dude won’t run out and get one and have it penned up inside for 12 hours a day, saying “if they get one, I want one too!”). I find rodents boring (except rats, which are way cool, but only live for 2 years – too many funerals in my child’s lifetime). I had a cat and they are okay but frankly, I’m just not a cat person. Bunnies are cute but…what do you do with them, exactly? DD wants a lizard. I could do a gecko, but again what do you do with them? After a while it’s just another mouth to feed and another creature’s poop to deal with.

Then I stumbled across THIS and realized that not only would they be great pets but I could have my very own free range organic eggs as a bonus! I saw a video called Urban Chicken (scroll to the bottom of the page for the movie link) and they look like they would be fun. Not to mention they eat bugs that could get in your garden, they eat kitchen scraps, and their poop makes for good compost. Win-win situation, I say!

And of course the kids would get experience in caring for animals, as well as learning a valuable lesson about food and where it comes from.

Now I just need to figure out if I can get one, if I can convince the landlords to let me have one, if the city will let me have them, and if I can save up enough $$ for one. They are pricey, but oh so nice-looking. And when I consider what myself or any member of my immediate family would come up with given a hammer, nails, and a trip to Home Depot it puts the expenditure in a whole new light (think ugly chicken-shack that will rain-rot, fall apart, and allow local wildlife to dine on my hens!).

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2 thoughts on “A new project to get excited about!

  1. Anna B

    What do you DO with a rabbit? You use its cuddliness to take care of the longing for a new baby! You snuggle it and pet it. When it gets sick of that you just observe him.

    Petey is a good biology lab. When he gets hot, his balls come out and his ears twitch. He knows when he has been scolded (for eating a crayon bit on the ground) and comes for attention after.

    All you really have to do it celebrate his general bunniness.

  2. Shawna

    We just finished building our coop and next week will be getting a small flock (anything with three or more chickens is a flock LOL) of about 8 chickens!!!! We are so excited!!!

    I’ll post more about it some time at the end of next week if you want to stop by and see some pictures 🙂

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